MongoDB delete document


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MongoDb backup database

mongodump -h --port 27017 -u root -p root --authenticationDatabase admin -d company -c company -o C:\Users\cmdhelp\Desktop\test

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MongoDb delete index


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MongoDB batch modify values

db.getCollection('rule').update({"key":".$"},{$set:{"key":"\\\\.$"}},false, true)

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MongoDB creates unique index


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MongoDB adds default values in batches

db.neeq2006.update({}, {$set:{"name":""}}, false, true)

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export local mongodb to csv(excel)

mongoexport -h localhost --port 27017 -d cmdhelp -c cmdhelp --type=csv -f _id,name,uscc,state -o C:\Users\cmdhelp\Desktop\cmdhelp.csv

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MongoDb specified field increment or decrement


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MongoDB deletes a field in the table

db.cninfo2006.update({"fieldname":{$exists: true} },{$unset:{"fieldname":1}},false,true);

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MongoDB modify a field name in the table

db.neeq2006.update({}, {$rename : {"FTP_URL" : "PDF_URL"}}, false, true)

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MongoDB queries data for a field that is not empty


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MongoDB queries the documents in the collection, using conditional expressions (<, <=, >, >=,!=)

db.collection.find({field:{$gt:value}}); db.collection.find({field:{$lt:value}}); db.collection.find({field:{$gte:value}}); db.collection.find({field:{$lte:value}}); db.collection.find({field:{$ne:value}});

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Linux move files or folders

mv -f -v test

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Linux delete empty directories

rmdir -pv /root/newdir2/newdir3

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Linux searches for files ending in'.d'

find /lib/dracut/ -name \*.d

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Mysql delete database and delete table

drop database db_name; drop table table_name;

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Mysql data table rename

alter table tb rename tb1;

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Linux switch directory

cd /home

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