Windows view ports in use

class:Windows views:115 Author:liufan008
netstat -a -n -o |findstr 8080
netstat: displays the active TCP connection, the port the computer is listening on, Ethernet statistics, IP routing table, IPv4 statistics (for IP, ICMP, TCP and UDP protocols) and IPv6 statistics
-a: display all active TCP connections and the TCP and UDP ports the computer is listening on
-n: display active TCP connections, but the addresses and port numbers are represented by numbers
-o: display active TCP connections and include the process ID (PID) of each connection
findstr: match string (details can be found by searching findstr)
Operation result
  TCP               LISTENING       18148
  TCP      ESTABLISHED     2000
  TCP    [::]:8080              [::]:0                 LISTENING       18148

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